Word of the Week: Kleshas – Mental states that cloud the mind and manifest in unwholesome actions.  They include: ignorance, attachment, aversion, pride and envy. 

Meditation is based on the premise that the natural state of the mind is calm and clear. It’s a practice that anyone can do. Mindfulness meditation is an ancient technique that is practiced worldwide.  We offer open houses, introductory and advanced meditation, Buddhist, arts and movement classes. 

    • We offer a path of study that allows you to genuinely and deeply train your mind

    • The fruitions of this path of study are long and well established.

      • Joy, Contentment, Fearlessness, Wisdom, Health,

      • Improved Clarity, Perception, Attitude, Response, Sense of Self,

    • The basis of this path is over 2500 years old

    • The path is most effective when taken on seriously

      • This means dedication, commitment and effort

      • This is similar to any significant endeavor like athletics ,arts, school, friendships, family, love or work.

Featured Programs


Giving Our Best: A Pema Chödrön Video Class

November 2nd—December 7th

By nurturing a compassionate attitude in our hearts, we can naturally become more open and present to others and free in our lives, even amidst life's adversities and fears. Pema Chödrön teaches from "The Way of the Bodhisattva" in this video. Continue »

Living The Good Life

with Shastri Marita McLaughlin

November 3rd—December 8th - Date postponed or cancelled

Open to All. There’s no need to fake it! We can live our life while being genuine and gentle at the same time. Imagine transforming our wild, obnoxious mindlessness into a mindful state of being. Continue »

Contentment in Everyday Life

November 7th—December 5th

Open to all. This 5-week course provides a further exploration of mindfulness meditation, along with foundational Buddhist teachings. Continue »

Way of Shambhala Introductory Retreat: The Art of Being Human (Level 1)

with Shastri Mark Blumenfeld

November 11th—November 12th

Level I marks the starting point of the Shambhala path of weekend city retreats. This first level focuses on the profound technique of mindfulness meditation as a gateway to discovering intrinsic human potential and goodness. Open to the public Continue »

Winter Weekthün Retreat - ENTIRE WEEK

with Alice Dan & Jon Feller

December 26th—January 1st (2017)

Open to all. Spend a week in supported practice at this non-residential urban retreat. Continue »