Shambhala Chicago Membership

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Becoming a member of Shambhala Chicago is an expression of our desire to see the Shambhala Chicago community, its various locations and programs be sustained over time.  Fundamentally, we are saying that we see value in various aspects of what Shambhala offers and contributes to society and its view of working toward Creating Enlightened Society.

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While other religiously oriented organizations often require that you adopt a religion when you become a member, Shambhala does not.  In order to support the vision of Enlightened Society, Shambhala believes in supporting each person’s spiritual path.  Becoming a member means that you are now a part of a community of people who retain the values of creating and maintaining healthy relationships, generosity, gratitude and living authentically.  However, if you wish to become Buddhist we can also support this very personal decision as you like.

We also recognize that becoming a Member is also a very personal decision.  While we could not exist without the support of Shambhala Members and Volunteers, Membership will never be required of you.  Membership is an opportunity and a wonderful expression of one’s generosity and heart.  Furthermore, we recognize that each person’s circumstances are different so the amount that you donate monthly or on an annual basis is deeply appreciated and valued.

The chart below are suggested monthly Membership levels at the individual level:

Tiger       $10 – $24

Lion          $25-$49 (Take a 25% discount on Shambhala programs)

Garuda   $50-$99 (50% off Shambhala programs)

Dragon   $100 + (Free Shambhala programs)

Benefits of and Made by Membership:

  • Members can establish and maintain an ongoing personal relationship with a Meditation Instructor
  • Members are invited to Member and Community events and special Members-Only Programs
  • 10% everyday discount on bookstore items
  • All donations are tax deductible less the value of any program discounts used (e.g. a $200 program with a 50% discount lowers the tax deductible donations by $100)
  • Membership Pin
  • Support of the Shambhala Care Team when a personal crisis arises
  • Financial Assistance for Programs (a.k.a., Generosity Policy)
  • Membership in Shambhala’s world-wide network that gives access to our Global Community
  • Access to member resources at
  • Open Meditation Sittings in the West Loop and our other Locations

If you’d like to start Membership right now, simply visit our New Member Registration Form and  we will follow up with you in the next few days!  If you would first prefer to first discuss Membership with us just fill out our membership formemail me directly or call me @ 773.743.8147, option 6.

Becoming a member is a personal choice and regardless of how much you’re able to contribute in any aspect of membership, you are seen as a part of our family and global community!  This means that we support you and your path, wherever it might take you!

Thank you for considering Membership and to all of our current Members, your ongoing support and generosity is deeply appreciated!