Art + Meditation at Shambhala West Loop

Rebekah Younger and Paul Romejko led the first 3 of 5 parts of the Shambhala Art Program this spring for a dedicated and creative group of 9-13 students.  Based on talks given by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche at Naropa Institute, the Shambhala Art program explores the dharma through multi-disciplinary art experiences using perception exercises, creative process and meditation, in a way that is playful and enlightening.  A new series of these workshops will begin in the Fall.

Rebekah will present her new book, Be, Awake, Create: Mindful Practices to Spark Creativity that includes some of the practices with a free Book Launch Party at the West Loop Center,  June 1 from 7-9 pm. All are welcome. Register

Share your creations, discuss contemplative art practices and learn more about Shambhala Art in a series of Art Salons (add link) at the West Loop Center scheduled on a bi-monthly basis, starting Saturday, June 15, 3 – 5 pm.  In June, we’ll show a video of Chogyam Trungpa demonstrating object arranging and ikebana.

From Mary Fugiel:

“I’d like to share my appreciation for these teachings on creativity and going beyond concept.  Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche affirms that sitting practice is the key to starting from “square one” or space in one’s perceptions.  The exercises we practiced in our group gave me a glimpse of that possibility with writing and with contemplation.  One of these exercises encouraged me (and other students) to wander inside and outside of the Shambhala center, [looking up, down and straight ahead], and then recording our impression of what we could see, feel [as a line of poetry. First thought, best thought.]  [Editor’s note: this exercise comes from Allen Ginsberg]

These are Mary’s expressions from her experience.

        Buddha with closed eyes
        Yellow flower stands
Red shelf under Gesar riding  ——-

        Cloudless blue sky with sky writer plane
        Blue motorbike leans
        Listening to her cell phone

In any case, it’s interesting that the participant suspends judgment of any effort; just letting go into nowness.”

If you are curious about how these teachings might enhance your life and practice, come to the book launch or one of the art salons to learn more.