Building Update & Volunteer Opportunities


From Peter McLaughlin, Shambhala Chicago Facility Manager:

I’m happy to report that the repairs to the extensive flood damage in the Lower Level are almost complete. To new arrivals to this newsletter who missed out on the flood… We had about 6″ of (mostly rain) water throughout our South Lower Level space, as well as part of our neighbor’s (Alpha Graphics) adjacent areas. That occurred in June 2018. The flood mitigation company ripped up all the vinyl plank flooring and removed all the drywall to a height of two feet! The following year was spent working with insurance companies, the Condo Board, etc. With most of that behind us, I’m also happy to say that the space looks better than before! We now have solid pine baseboard that looks quite imposing (and is more waterproof).  They even put flooring, baseboard and painted our storeroom behind the piano! (Wasn’t expecting that). Oh and yes, after much analysis we did discover the source of the flood, and a plumber working for the building corrected it.

Recurring Tasks and Special Projects for Volunteers:


* Monthly:
Checking furnace air filters.  These are mostly pleated surface, rectangular air filters, and we will provide quality dust masks and disposable gloves.  There are four such furnaces.  Training will be happily provided.

* Monthly:
Filling Area (floor) drains with water. These drains have a habit of drying out, and the next thing you know we are all smelling sewer gas, which at best is distasteful and at worst could be hazardous, (either poisonous or flammable). There are 7 such drains. I’ve devised and easy way to do this without spilling water on the floor. Training will happily be provided.

* Weekly:
Vacuuming the elevator door tracks on the first floor and Lower Level. This seemingly simple task can eliminate expensive repairs, and even help prevent elevator entrapments!  Training will be gratefully provided.

* Helping to Organize the Workshop:
Didn’t know we had a shop? ‘Taint much, but it’s improving. Believe it or not, we still have many boxes of tools and supplies from our Sheridan Road home that have still to be unpacked!!! I’ve put up lots of pegboard, and four wall cabinets… they just need to be organized and filled! (This could also be an ongoing task, with checking in randomly to see that it remains clean and neat in the future). Speaking of the shop, the tools there are not for borrowing, they are there for emergencies, and so other people don’t need to bring or buy tools to do work at the center. Even something as simple as a hand saw might be needed to shore up something from collapsing in a serious situation. If you need to borrow something, please ask me first.  Thank you.

* Special Project: Removing old mirror adhesive from the Oprah dress fitting alcove in the North Lower Level
This is a chiseling, hammer tapping job that needs to be done before the alcove can be beautified. It has a nice oak floor, and could be used for many purposes: a simple shrine / a small table or pedestal for a flower arrangement / a Children’s Shrine / a spot for a puppet show!!! The possibilities fairly boggle the mind.


I would be delighted to speak in more depth about these opportunities. Contact me via  [email protected] / (773)743-8147 .