Space Rental at Shambhala Chicago

Here at Shambhala Chicago we feel quite lucky and fortunate to have such a wonderful space and in a great location.  Not only do we have the spaces shown in the slideshow (below) but we also have another level.  If you’re needing a space for a meeting, program, yoga class or anything else, we want to work with you so that you can rent all or a part of our wonderful center!

The following are a list of additional spaces and amenities that can come with your rental:

  • Large Multipurpose Room
  • Library with sofa and chairs (great for meetings or as a teacher’s/presenter’s room)
  • Alternate Meditation Room
  • 2 Fully Stocked Beverage Service Stations (1 on each level)
  • Plenty of Bathrooms
  • 1 Large Kitchen and 1 Service Kitchen
  • New Audio-Visual equipment that are great for presentations and talks
  • Parking lot access for evening and weekend events

If you’d like to inquire about and discuss rental fees and options, send us an email at or call us at 773.743.8147