Welcome Jamie Stevens: Membership Coordinator!

By Rae Burach Dear Shambhala Chicago Members & Friends, We are very excited to introduce our new membership coordinator, Jamie Stevens! For those of you who don’t already know Jamie, she’s been involved with Shambhala since 2019. In 2021-22, she studied and took her refuge and Bodhisattva vow with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. Shambhala Chicago is in … Continue 

Notes on a definition of collective liberation

By Jean Marie Robbins Collective Liberation in the most basic sense is relinquishing our limiting beliefs, biases, and prejudices about ourselves and others. Meditation helps us build confidence in our basic goodness. As Gaylon Ferguson says, “Developing a harmonious friendship with yourself is a central part of the Buddhist path of awakening.” Our relationship with … Continue 

Journalist Lena Folke covers Queer Dharma

Lena Folke is a freelance journalist and master’s student at the Medill School of Journalism. In one of her latest stories, she writes about Shambhala Chicago’s Queer Dharma meditation group and it’s longevity and significance within the LGBTQ+ community. Read her piece below: – Weekly Queer Dharma to facilitate a space of safety and wellness … Continue 

Leadership & Community Updates at Shambhala Chicago

There were about 15 people who attended our community meeting on October 23rd, including those in-person and on Zoom. Bea Bosco facilitated and began with an update from the Revenue Generation team. As previously determined, our West Loop center is our biggest asset. The remainder of the meeting was a participatory discussion where attendees were … Continue 

Leadership Updates within the Global Shambhala Community

From the Shambhala Chicago Governing Council Questions have arisen regarding the relationship of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche to the global Shambhala organization since the conclusion of the mediation that took place in March of 2022, as well as the current leadership structure of global Shambhala. Shambhala Chicago would like to clarify the following: The Sakyong has … Continue 

Chicago Sangha Gathering — Aug 28, 2020

A meeting was called to connect with Sangha members after many months of absence due to Covid-19. This invitation link was sent with the newsletter “It’s a busy August at Chicago Shambhala…” on August 10: Chicago Shambhala Sangha Gathering. 25 participants joined the zoom call. Guest speaker Shastri Mark Blumenfeld spoke about being on the … Continue 

A Statement on Racism and Police Brutality

These last weeks and months have witnessed an unveiling of the impact of racism and systematic disadvantage on the lives and health of communities of color in this country. We were just becoming aware of the disparate rates of death from COVID19 among people of color, when instances of police brutality against unarmed Black Americans … Continue 

“Climbing up the Mountain” by Laura Ballou

Reading anything to do with the dharma makes me feel less alone in the world. That this complicated, tragic, beautiful life is not mine alone, but is shared with the rest of humanity – that this mind of mine is alike to so many others – this is a comfort. It feels like a warm … Continue 

Building Update & Volunteer Opportunities

  From Peter McLaughlin, Shambhala Chicago Facility Manager: I’m happy to report that the repairs to the extensive flood damage in the Lower Level are almost complete. To new arrivals to this newsletter who missed out on the flood… We had about 6″ of (mostly rain) water throughout our South Lower Level space, as well … Continue 

“The Governing Council: One Year In” by Ted Ballou

After a year serving on the Governing Council, I am developing a perspective on the work. It was with some ambivalence that I joined this body: although it is undeniable that leadership and decision-making  is essential for the smooth functioning of the Chicago Shambhala Center, I wondered whether my participation was necessary or useful, whether … Continue