Back to Square One: Shambhala Art and Creating in Uncertain Times

Written by Rebekah Younger, posted by Charlotte Many in the community have been feeling a sense of groundlessness this summer due to the revelations about the Sakyong and the center of our mandala.  When the unexpected occurs it disrupts our worldview, leaving us to question what is real and what we can depend on.  We … Continue 

Request for Tuition Assistance

Editor’s Note: Shambhala Chicago is offering its members the opportunity to receive and offer generosity to other members through our newsletter and other outlets. These posts are in their own words, though lightly edited. Please click their name below to respond directly to the request. Greetings! I’m excited to attend a weekend of training on … Continue 

Culture & Decorum in Chicago

“Shambhala is a culture. Our vision takes form not only through meditation and study, but also through society and the dignity of culture.” The Sakyong Wangmo, Khandro Tseyang Throughout Shambhala, a member of the leadership team at every center worldwide holds the position of Delegate to the Office of Culture & Decorum. Generally, this person … Continue 

Dharma Behind Bars by Keith Spielfogel

Entering the Stream On Monday mornings I drive to a place many might consider to be the most depressing complex of buildings in Chicago: Cook County Jail. It is home to the largest jail in the United States, housing approximately 9,000 men and women. Once there I meet with my partner, Tom Mahoney. Together we … Continue 

Likes and Comments by Caroline Moore

I have been attending Shambhala on and off for about six years, having completed Way of Shambhala and currently working through the Sacred Path series. At this time of year, when we are being asked to consider how each of us is able and willing to support the sangha, I thought I would offer my own thoughts about … Continue 

Chicago Lakefront Skyline Purple

Awaken, Chicago: Reflecting on the Teachings by Abbey Fox

It’s been three heavy months since we hosted Awaken Chicago. We’ve tragically lost Philandro Castle, Alton Sterling, and Delrawn Small to racist police brutality. We’ve mourned the tremendous loss of 49 queer people of color in Orlando to homophobic rage.  A beautiful, peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas is now remembered as the horrible … Continue 

Fearless Openness: My Enlightened Society Experience

I’ve been to weekthüns and nyinthüns before, but I don’t think any previous practice intensive could have properly prepared me for the excitement, pain, joy, boredom, and direct openness of Enlightened Society Assembly (ESA) at Shambhala Mountain Center last month.  I have no idea how it can be summarized in even a few cogent paragraphs, … Continue 

Awaken Chicago Is For You!

The rumors started floating nearly a year ago.   “Pema Chödrön might come next year with the Sakyong!”  Then there was a long wait and no confirmation.  Finally, in the middle of the summer, we heard: Pema is coming for sure.  She’s coming because she likes the way we are reaching beyond the center. Ani Pema … Continue 

Speaking Up and Speaking Out

On the third Friday evening of every month, the Chicago Shambhala center transforms from a peaceful meditation center to a throbbing hub of music and expression. Gone are the smartly dressed middle class adults, and in come teenagers in sweatpants, Nikes, and baseball caps. Gone are the white majority. There are mainly African Americans, Puerto … Continue