Shambhala Chicago Membership

The Shambhala Meditation Center of Chicago is a not-for-profit organization that relies on the generosity of its members to sustain its day-to-day operations.  The experience of being a member is enormously rewarding and allows you the opportunity to make a greater connection with your local Center, the teachings, and the larger Shambhala community.


Members help to create the vitality of life at the Center.

Members engage regularly in meditation and contemplative practice and strive to integrate their practice into everyday life. Regular practice is the best way for all of us to support our Shambhala community, our world, and ourselves. Members are also encouraged to volunteer when possible.

By paying monthly dues, members help to pay basic operating expenses such as rent, utilities, and staff.  The financial support of our members is also key to our being able to offer a Generosity Policy, which ensures that programs are financially accessible to all. On top of their monthly dues contributions, many members offer additional donations to various fundraising efforts throughout the year.

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Benefits of  Membership:

  • Members recieve a twenty percent discount on programs.
  • Members can establish and maintain an ongoing personal relationship with a Meditation Instructor
  • Members are invited to Member and Community events and special Members-Only Programs
  • 10% everyday discount on bookstore items
  • All donations are tax deductible less the value of any program discounts used (e.g. a $200 program with a 50% discount lowers the tax deductible donations by $100)
  • Membership Pin
  • Support of the Shambhala Care Team when a personal crisis arises
  • Financial Assistance for Programs (a.k.a., Generosity Policy)
  • Membership in Shambhala’s world-wide network that gives access to our Global Community
  • Access to member resources at
  • Open Meditation Sittings in the West Loop and our other Locations


MEMBERSHIP LEVELS: Membership dues are offered as recurring monthly donations.


  • Warrior $20 or more per month for an individual ($30 or more for a couple). $240 or more annually. This is the minimum membership level and entitles you to all the basic benefits of membership listed above.
  • Tiger $40 or more per month. $480 or more annually.  Members are encouraged to contribute at least $40 a month as this is the average dues amount required to cover the Center’s rent and other related expenses.
  • Lion $60 or more per month$720 or more annually. By giving at this level you are contributing to the financial growth and sustainability of the Center, which is essential for meeting rising operating costs. 
  • Garuda $120 or more per month$1440 or more annually. Extending your generosity at this level allows the Center to build a strong foundation upon which we can expand our activities, raise our visibility, and thereby offer the benefits of meditation to more people. 
  • Dragon $500 or more per month. $6000 or more annually. By making a monthly offering at this level you are a patron member of the Chicago Shambhala Center. You are not only contributing to the financial security of the community, but you are investing in the future of the Center for the hundreds of practitioners who come through our doors every year. 


You are warmly invited to become one of the many members who make the Shambhala Meditation Center a precious jewel in the heart of Chicago!

If you’d like to start Membership right now, simply visit our New Member Registration Form and we will follow up with you in the next few days!  If you would first prefer to first discuss Membership with us just fill out our contact formemail us directly or call us at 773-743-8147.