Queer Dharma – Open Meditation Session


Sunday Evenings | 6 – 8 PM CST


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Meeting ID: 259 449 7709
Password: 178764

General schedule for the online sessions:

6:00 – 6:10  Welcome, Introductions
6:10 – 6:55   Meditation (includes walking meditation or samatha yoga)
                       Possible Short Reading/Discussion (TBD) & Check Out


Each session begins with social time and noshing, followed by sitting and walking meditation.  Meditation instruction is always provided.  After sitting we have a short dharma talk and discussion followed by more socializing.  The open house sponsored by Queer Dharma is a place where LGBTQI and diversity-friendly people can form a nonjudgmental community based on openness, curiosity and gentleness.  Our new community room in the West Loop will make it possible to get to know people without shouting over the loud music of a gay bar.  Feel free to bring food of any kind or help us plan an occasional pot luck which would begin before our normal 6 p.m. starting time!

Queer Dharma sponsors an open house for all every Sunday evening from 6 – 8 p.m. in the West Loop center.  Our personal experience with LGBTQI issues helps us have compassion for all those trying to live in an inclusive manner while being aware of individual diversity and identity.

Meditation practice provides a warm, genuine basis for realizing the full potential of our inherent wisdom. Through the practice, we learn to touch into this wisdom, allowing us to live our lives with a mind that is more present and fully engaged. Waking up to our own inherent goodness has a natural impact on our family members, friends, co-workers, and our world at large.

Questions about Queer Dharma?

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