Meditation Overview

What Is Meditation?

Mindfulness meditation is the foundation of all that we do at Shambhala Chicago. It is a natural state of the human mind – at rest, open, and alert. This ancient practice of self discovery is rooted in the simple premise that every human being can develop compassion and wisdom to care for oneself and others. Meditation has been taught for over 2,500 years as a way of realizing the magic of the ordinary world.

Shambhala Buddhism teaches us that every situation has potential for enlightenment. Through meditation practice, each person can develop their mind’s inherent clarity and strength in order to awaken to the world.

To learn more about Meditation and its benefits, visit our FAQ page HERE.

At Shambhala Chicago, we have a variety of offerings to help you get started and maintain your meditation practice. This includes:

  • Guided beginner programs (Learn to Meditate, Shambhala Training Level 1)
  • Weekly group meditation (some guided instruction provided, see schedule here)
  • Guided continuing programs (Everyday Life Series, etc)



Weekly Opportunities for Public Meditation

*All weekly open meditation sessions are currently online. See schedule.

Each week we offer group meditation sessions that are free and open to the public and do not require advance registration. Many of these sessions offer brief meditation instruction provided by trained guides at the beginning of the program, as well as an informal, guided discussion about meditation at the end. These open houses are also opportunities to be part of a community that is supportive of your meditation practice.

Classes & Programs

We offer an active schedule of classes and programs that often require advance registration. Many of these programs explore meditation; other areas of focus include Buddhist study, art & creativity, qigong, to name a few.

For New Meditators

Programs that are specifically geared toward new meditators include: New Meditators, Learn to Meditate, and Shambhala Training Level I.

Meditation Instructors (MI)

As a benefit of membership, Shambhala Chicago also facilitates the formation of ongoing personal relationships between members and meditation instructors.

Nyinthuns (Daylong meditation retreats) 

These monthly retreats which coincide with seasonal transitions are opportunities to practice extended periods of meditation. For new and seasoned practitioners, these are ideal opportunities to deepen the meditation experience of calmly abiding with one’s own body-mind. Partial attendance is welcome for these days of meditation, which run from 9:00 AM-8:30 PM.

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