Learn to Live in the Moment

with Shastri David Stone

June 21st (2017)

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    Room: West Loop Shambhala Center, 37 N. Carpenter St.
    Program Registration is Closed.

    Our habitual mind is constantly distracted by the past and the future; it rarely rests in nowness. With that comes an undeniable experience of discontentment, agitation, suffering.  We cannot ignore suffering or just "think positively." The practice of meditation trains our mind to return to the gentle awareness of present experience. This is a sense of nowness, or being on the spot in our life.

    In this class we'll learn to observe the movement of the busy, discontent mind when we sit in meditation and discover how to rest in the nowness of the moment.


    Learn to Live Mindfully is a new series of workshops that offer practical teachings and meditation techniques to help us grow into more mindful and compassionate human beings. Class curriculum is based on our popular "Everyday Life" class series and offers students the opportunity to explore the curriculum in a stand-alone workshop format.

    Each workshop includes guided meditation, teaching, and group discussion. Meet other like-minded Chicagoans – together, we’ll explore how to awaken to our lives and world.