Healthy Seasons -- Summer

with Shastri David Stone

June 20th (2018)

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    Room: West Loop Shambhala Center, 37 N. Carpenter St.
    Modern urban life tends to cut us off from the directness of the elements, the immediacy of the seasons and their direct messages to us. But being in harmony with the seasons brings us a chance to communicate directly with our world and live a more healthy life. And of course, summer readily invites us out of the house and into nature and interaction with other people!
    In this free 1.5 hour lecture/workshop, David Stone, Illinois Licensed Acupuncturist, will present the 5 element / 5 season medical paradigm of ancient China and its hints and clues for how we can live a healthier life, more connected to the celebration of Summer.
    Shastri David Stone, M.Ac. is a senior teacher at Shambhala Chicago and a licensed acupuncturist. He studied five element acupuncture with Professor J.R. Worsley, noted as both a studied classicist and brilliant innovator in the world of Chinese medicine. David has been practicing 5 Element acupuncture since 1995.