Harvest of Peace

September 23rd (2018)

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    Room: West Loop Shambhala Center, 37 N. Carpenter St.

    Sunday, September 23rd, 8:30am - 4pm

    You are warmly invited to join together for a Harvest of Peace Gathering.

    Our community is going through a challenging time. In the midst of feeling all of the uncertainties we are all grappling with, we could gather to offer each other support and to mark the changing of the seasons and the beauty of the natural world.

    Harvest of Peace is one of four annual Nyida Day celebrations in Shambhala culture. Each of these holidays mark the turning of the seasons, hence the name Nyida Day (Nyi = sun and Da = moon).

    It is an opportunity for our community to gather, hear teachings, enjoy good food and drink, and celebrate the richness of our local cultures and heritage. The theme of appreciation includes all of these things, and especially the goodness of our bond as a community at this time.

    Harvest of Peace is also an important and appropriate time in the yearly cycle to raise funds to support our local center. There will be a brief local fundraiser at the event where we will invite people to give what they can, according to their inspiration and abilities. Our community has never needed this support and stability more.

    Schedule of Events

    8:30 AM.......Doors open & Light Breakfast
    9:00 AM.......Social Time
    9:30 AM.......Welcome, Opening Chants, & Sitting
    10 AM..........Shambhala Sadhana Practice
    11 AM..........Feast Set-up
    12PM...........During Feast: Community Offerings
    12:30 PM.....Community Update & New Member Vows
    1:30 PM.......Local Fundraising
    2PM.............Clean-up and travel to Garfield Park Conservatory
    2:30 PM.......Group outing to Garfield Park Conservatory, 300 N Central Park Ave. Street and Lot parking available. Also at CTA Green Line Conservatory stop (ADA accessible)
    4PM.............Prep for Family Dinners

    6 - 7PM........Family Dinners in your neighborhood. These family dinners allow for more intimate connections amongst community closer to your home. Family dinners also allow people who are unable to attend the daytime events to participate in the celebration. You can have family dinners at home or a restaurant. If you choose to host it at home, you can cook, order out or ask for contributions.

    Please register to assist with our preparations. Carpooling will be organized. Thank you!