Taoist Qigong Level 5

with Eva Wong

November 2nd—November 3rd

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  • $200 Program Price
  • $100 Deposit
Room: West Loop Shambhala Center, 37 N. Carpenter St.

Until now, Qigong Level 5 has only been offered as a residential program at Shambhala land centers. Now Eva Wong brings Qigong Level 5 to Chicago!  In Level 5 you’ll continue on the path of internal and external strengthening by learning the 3 remaining Wudang Shan Five Animal Forms and completing the Immortals Guide and Red Phoenix.  Level 5 also includes a talk, Q&A and lots of qigong practice.

Prequisite: Completion of Level 4

Space is limited, so register now and secure your spot with a deposit.

25% off for those repeating the program. Other discounts or scholarships are not available for this program.

About the Teacher
Eva Wong is a 19th generation lineage carrier of the Primordial Limitless Gate School of Taoism. The student of Sun Di, she is also a 3rd generation lineage descendant in Wang Xiangzhai’s Yiquan school of martial arts and Zhangshuan - standing qigong. She is an independent scholar who has written and translated many books on Taoism and related topics, including Nourishing The Essence of Life: The Outer, Inner, and Secret Teachings of Taoism and A Master Course in Feng Shui (published by Shambhala Publications). On behalf of her lineage, she offers a comprehensive program involving nine levels of qigong training that she started teaching in Chicago in 2007.