Buddhist Studies Group -- HYDE PARK

January 31st—March 14th

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The Buddha’s fundamental insights into human existence became the foundation for generations of practitioners of the Buddhist path, and a source of inspiration for many others, up to the present day.

As an addition offering to our weekend program What the Buddha Taught, Shambhala is offering this 2-month study group exploring in greater depth The Four Noble Truths and their application to our lives, with readings from renowned Buddhist teachers of the past and present, along with meditation and discussion.

All are welcomed regardless of experience level or participation in any prior program. Feel free to bring food and non-alcoholic beverages for a relaxed and community-based salon. Come for one or all sessions.

Group info

Every Thursday, January 31 through March 14

7PM - 9PM

University of Chicago
Harper Room 141
1116 E 59th St