What The Buddha Taught ... and how it applies today

with Shastri David Stone & Shastri Marita McLaughlin

April 6th

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Room: West Loop Shambhala Center, 37 N. Carpenter St.

Shambhala Chicago continues exploring the early teachings of the Buddha, with the four marks of the view,  also known as the four marks of existence: impermanence, suffering, egolessness and peace. The first two are based on looking at the confused [samsaric] environment and the last two are the possibilities and potentialities we might discover out of that examination. Understanding these facets of our existence, we can tune into what the Buddha understood upon his awakenment, and what he said was most important for seekers and practitioners that wanted to follow his example and walk the path that he traversed.

In this single day retreat, we will begin the exploration of the four marks, practice meditation and contemplation (instruction provided), dialogue, cultivate insight and engage in discussion on the topics.

This day stands alone as a retreat day but everyone is welcome to continue studying in one of the study groups, which will meet over the course of the next two months.


$75 or $50 for Shambhala members.