Milarepa Day ONLINE

with Kristine McCutcheon

February 27th

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    Room: Online Program (See description for details)

    This is one of the annual celebrations of our community held on the full moon following Shambhala Day (or close to it). This opportunity to come together and join our voices in union with the words of others who, like Milarepa, have struggled with disillusionment, worked with renunciation and searched for a path and a teacher.

    By reading the dohas and stories in The Rain of Wisdom we are connecting to the practice of devotion, courage and insight through our Kagyu lineage holder songs.

    We start and end the day with a Guru Yoga practice of Milarepa. If you are practicing at home or in person with us – let this be a day of silence so that the voices of the gurus can penetrate our usual chatter.

    It is a full day that you can drop in or out of as you wish. The power of the moon and the coming together of whole communities of Buddhist practitioners may it benefit all beings.

    You can also sign up for an on-land or online five-day Milarepa Retreat and join us for a Half-Day Nyinthun on Sunday, February 28th.