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Virtual Cushion

Sunday Meditation and Discussion ONLINE

with Alice Dan

March 7th—April 25th

Sitting Meditation Practice will begin with a brief opening chant, a short guided introduction to meditation, and 2 sessions with a break for movement. Discussion follows, questions welcome. Please register to receive the zoom link for participation. Continue »

Stroke of Ashe Group Practice

with Shastri David Stone

March 13th

A gathering of warriors who have received stroke practice transmission--will include guided practice and commentary. Please register to receive zoom link. Continue »

Learn to Meditate ONLINE

with Barbara Wolkowitz

March 13th

Have you been trying to start a meditation practice on your own or with an app? This program helps beginners overcome common obstacles and establish a consistent practice. It is also appropriate for struggling meditators looking for a refresher. Continue »

Gender Dynamics in Buddhism

with Holly Gayley

March 26th—May 28th

In order to create a community that strives to foster safety for all its members, we learn what Buddhism says about gender and sexuality and what contemporary conversations can contribute. This will allow us to have more informed discussions about gender Continue »