Health & Well Being

Ping Pong Social

March 3rd

Come out and play! Continue »

Sitting, the Physical Art of Meditation

with Erika Berland

March 23rd

Presents the principles of alignment, breathing and experiential anatomy, including guided imagery exercises to release tension and stress when they arise. Continue »

Taoist Qigong Level 4

with Acharya Dale Asrael

April 13th—April 14th

Open to current students of Taoist Qigong who have completed Level 3. Continue »

Taoist Qigong Level 5

with Eva Wong

November 2nd—November 3rd

In Level 5 you'll continue on the path of internal and external strengthening by learning the 3 remaining Wudang Shan Five Animal Forms and completing the Immortals Guide and Red Phoenix. Continue »