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Daoist Qigong

Daoist qigong is a spiritual discipline that cultivates body and mind simultaneously. Originally called daoyin, which means ‘guiding the flow of internal energy (qi), it has been practiced for over two thousand years in China. Laozi, the founder of Daoism, was said to have been the first to practice techniques of conserving, gathering, cultivating, nourishing, and transforming energies that are the source of a healthy body and a clear mind. The techniques of Daoist qigong were systematized during the Han dynasty (3rd century BCE to 3rd century CE) by the father of Chinese medicine Hua Tu. From then on daoyin, or qigong, has been incorporated into Daoist spiritual practices up to the present day.

The techniques of Daoist qigong can be divided into three categories – outer, inner, and secret.

Outer qigong focuses on physical strengthening, inner qigong with nourishing the internal organs and gathering and conserving energy, and secret qigong with dissolving the duality of mind and body to merge with the primordial energy of the Dao.

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No spiritual discipline is complete without integrating its formal practices into everyday life. In this respect, Daoist qigong advocates a lifestyle of simplicity and moderation, encourages the cultivation of generosity, compassion, and wisdom, and fosters the development of honor and respect for ourselves and the world.

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Meridian Touch™ Japanese Qigong

Every Monday, 5:30 – 6:45 pm at West Loop Center Location

Based on ancient Qigong exercises and Japanese Shiatsu exercises, Meridian Touch Japanese Qigong is a restorative series of movements that anyone can do. Using deep belly breaths and gentle relaxation the meridians (energy channels) are opened allowing ki to flow promoting body-mind synchronization and awareness. Never reaching beyond our comfort level, paradoxically as we practice “the Art of Letting Go” we melt into a state of balance. The movements also relate to the Five Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water) and their healing qualities that we will explore in class.

In class you’ll learn a simple breathing technique, different movements based on Japanese Five Elements & Meridian Theory and partnered movements. The class is fun, restorative and non-competitive. If you feel that yoga isn’t for you, try MTJQ and see what happens. You might be surprised!

About the Teacher

Jennifer O’Hara has been an Asian Body Therapist for over 20 years. She has been teaching for 17 years. In her practice she weaves the Qi exercises of Eight Pieces of Silk qigong & Meridian Touch ™ Japanese Qigong, Five Elements Theory, Hakomi Method, Internal Family Systems, and mindfulness meditation for deep somatic release work. Her experience is with chronic conditions, immune deficiency syndromes, emotional release work and pain management. Jennifer is happy to answer any queries about her work, Asian Body Therapies and Ki exercises. Please contact her for more information.