The Governing Council

The Shambhala Chicago Governing Council’s (GC) role is to hold the vision for Shambhala Chicago and ensure that what we do supports that vision. Our global vision is that “People who connect with Shambhala Chicago experience confidence in unconditional basic goodness in themselves, others, and society.”

For a quick look at what the Governing Council is and what we do, please see our Governing Council FAQ Sheet.

While everyone has a role to play in holding this vision, the GC’s unique contribution within the Center is to focus on linkage, policy and assessment: linkage to the center of Shambhala, the Sakyong; expressing our values in policy, and assessing how we are doing in embodying our values in our activities. You can read more about this in the Shambhala Chicago Policy Governance Manual.

As part of our Policy Governance implementation, we formed an Executive Council (EC) to focus on the implementation of Center goals and objectives. The Executive Council consists of leaders in areas such as Practice and Education, Communications, Societal Health and Well Being, Finance, Communications, Outreach and Facilities.

You can review the GC Nomination Form and Plan to find out about available seats and the process for becoming a GC member.