For over 40 years, the Shambhala Meditation Center has offered Chicagoans the opportunity to work with their minds and hearts through meditation. Our mission is to inspire an awake and compassionate society through personal and collective transformation.

We offer public meditation classes, mindfulness training workshops, and a wide range of teachings from the Shambhala Buddhist tradition.


Featured Programs

Way of Shambhala: Joy in Everyday Life

with Barbara Wolkowitz & Janet Hasz

May 2nd—May 30th

This is the 3rd class in the Everyday Life series; all are welcome. This class emphasizes awareness of the environment and expanding the heart. It introduces the contemplation of the Four Immeasurables for arousing and strengthening compassion for self. Continue »

Introduction to Mindfulness for Children & Families: 6 week Course

with Rob Ley

May 6th—June 10th

This class will provide a child-friendly introduction to mindfulness and include short meditation sessions, movement, and creative projects. Continue »

Qigong Level 4

with Eva Wong

May 26th—May 27th

Prerequisites apply. This weekend will include talks, detailed instruction, Q & A, and lots of Qigong practice. Continue »

Werma Group Practice Day (Online Option)

May 26th

One of many community-driven retreats focusing solely on Werma practice. All who have received authorization to practice Werma Sadhana are welcome! Continue »

Shambhala Sadhana Community Practice

May 29th

The Shambhala Sadhana practice is the centerpiece of monthly community gatherings on, or near, each full moon. Continue »