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Programs and classes in meditation, Buddhist teachings, and other contemplative disciplines are offered as well as individual meditation instruction. The Shambhala Buddhist path, unique in the world of Western Buddhism, combines the teachings of the Kagyu and Nyingma traditions of Tibetan Buddhism with the Shambhala principles of living an uplifted life, fully engaged with the world.

We invite you to explore our diverse programs designed to help Chicagoans of all traditions discover their inherent sanity, gentleness, and humor.



Sadhana of Mahamudra ONLINE

with Alice Dan

September 20th—December 19th

All are welcome to this full moon Vajrayana practice. Please join us! Continue »

Tuesday Evening Meditation ONLINE

with Barbara Wolkowitz & Ann Shillinglaw

October 12th—January 31st (2022)

Looking for a virtual meditation group where you can drop in when you like or attend regularly and get to know other meditators? Instruction in meditation and mindfulness skills. Continue »

Sunday Morning Meditation and Discussion In Person

October 17th—December 19th

Weekly group meditation (sitting and walking) with guided instruction, Dharma reading and discussion offered in person on first and third Sundays. Continue »

Sunday Morning Meditation and Discussion ONLINE

with Alice Dan

October 17th—December 19th

Weekly group meditation (sitting and walking) with guided instruction, Dharma reading and discussion. Continue »

Collective Liberation Online Discussion Group

November 6th—February 5th (2022)

It's time for a genuine quest for Collective Liberation. This is not a class but a participatory exploration of our own identities and how we veer away from what really is - our own and others' Basic Goodness. Continue »

In Person Tuesday Evening Meditation at the West Loop Shambhala Center

with Barbara Wolkowitz, Stephen Burns, Peter McLaughlin, Ted Ballou

November 16th—December 14th

Join us for meditation in person at the Chicago Shambhala Center. Newcomers welcome and instruction given. Free. (Closed on Dec. 21 and Dec 28) Continue »

Stroke of Ashe Group Practice

with Shastri David Stone

December 4th—January 2nd (2022)

A gathering of warriors who have received stroke practice transmission--will include guided practice and commentary. Please register to receive zoom link. Continue »

Day of Mindfulness

with Ann Shillinglaw & Barbara Wolkowitz

December 4th

Winter is coming! Please join us for a day of mindfulness meditation and mindfulness practices involving body, mind, and the sense perceptions. VACCINATION NOW REQUIRED Continue »

Healthy Seasons: Winter

with Shastri David Stone

December 5th

Ideas for living a healthier life from the 5 element / 5 season medical paradigm of ancient China presented by Shastri David Stone. Continue »

Learn to Meditate (ONLINE)

with Alice Dan & Stephen Burns

December 18th

Have you been trying to start a meditation practice on your own or with an app? This program helps beginners overcome common obstacles and establish a consistent practice. Continue »

Shambhala Training Level I: The Art of Being Human (In-person)

January 8th—January 9th (2022)

This program captures the heart of Shambhala—the view that human beings are fundamentally good and awake and that this capacity can be cultivated and strengthened through meditation, reflection and personal conduct. Continue »

Reconnect with Your Mind, Emotions, and Body --with Melissa Fray ONLINE

January 8th—January 22nd (2022)

Learn somatically intelligent movements which act to gently interrupt unconscious repetitive patterns/habits allowing the individual to change from within. Continue »

Shambhala Training, Level 5: Open Sky - Offered by Shambhala Online

with Gaylon Ferguson

January 14th—January 16th (2022)

Level V: Open Sky is offered by Prerequisite: Level IV, Awakened Heart Continue »

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Online (INTRODUCTION)

with Ann Shillinglaw

January 15th (2022)

Please join us for this free info session, Introduction to Mindfulness and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). Continue »

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Online (8 WEEK PROGRAM)

with Ann Shillinglaw

January 19th—March 9th (2022)

The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program is an 8-week course designed to help participants improve the quality of their lives as they work with various types of stress. Continue »

Meditation in Everyday Life - In Person

with Barbara Wolkowitz

January 29th (2022)

Are you finding it difficult to begin a meditation program or maintain a regular practice? This one-day workshop may help you develop friendship with your mind, skill in how to work with speed and difficulty, and a sense of humor. In person. Continue »