2014 Strategic Planning for Shambhala Chicago

In May 2014, the Governing and Executive Councils launched the process of creating a new 3-year strategic plan for Shambhala Chicago that updates the current strategic plan. Following the transition to our new central location, the establishment of several satellite locations and our ongoing work in the area of social engagement, now is the perfect time to reimagine our future and to develop a plan that will serve as a guide in leading us forward.  We are working with Susan Skjei who is a consultant specializing in leadership and transformative change and an Acharya.  Ms. Skjei helped Shambhala Chicago with its Vision to Action process several years ago.

Inspired by the Sakyong’s vision of creating enlightened society through establishing a path of personal self-discovery, building a community based on a culture of profound kindness and engaging in the work of creating a more peaceful and just society, we will be developing a practical plan of action that will strengthen our ability to offer an accessible path, rich in hearing meditating and contemplating, promote a caring and empowering community and establish a sustainable approach to meaningful social engagement.

A Community Initiative That’s Shaping Our Future

The members of the Governing and Executive Councils are leading the process and everyone is invited to participate. We will be seeking input and sharing progress along the way and you can stay in touch by checking this webpage for updates. Our goal is to complete the process by Harvest of Peace 2014.  At the bottom of this page you’ll find additional resources and documents to utilize as you become involved.

There will be many ways and degrees to be involved to meet your life situation, including participating in gatherings and offering feedback online.  To get your ideas flowing and to have an idea of what we’ll be discussing, contemplate these questions and feel free to email your response to [email protected]

  1. If Shambhala Chicago were thriving and accomplishing its mission in the best possible way 10 years from now, what would that look like?
  2. Looking back, what were the significant events or milestones that took place (both externally and internally)
  3. Looking forward from now, what are a few important elements we need to pay attention to and what possible next steps do we see?

If you are interested in being involved please contact one of us at the emails or numbers listed below or visit www.chicago.shambhala.org. There will be team leaders helping to gather feedback, and we’ll post that information soon.

Yours in the vision of the Great Eastern Sun,

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Tom Adducci                                                    Gina Caruso
Executive Director                                            Governing Council Chair
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Strategic Planning Resources and Documents

Giving and Receiving Feedback
Strategic Plan Worksheet