Taoist Qigong Level 4

with Acharya Dale Asrael

April 13th—April 14th (2019)

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  • $200 Program Price
Room: West Loop Shambhala Center, 37 N. Carpenter St.

Prerequisite:  Taoist Qigong Level 3, as taught by the lineage transmitted by Dr. Eva Wong

In Level 4, students will learn: 

        The Tiger and Dragon postures from the Wudang Shan lineage of Five Internal Animals Training (tiger, dragon, leopard, snake, and crane forms). The Tiger form builds bone strength, and the Dragon form trains the union of spirit and body. In addition, by immersing themselves in the spirit of these animals, participants will eventually come to embody the patience of the crouching tiger stalking its prey and the playfulness of the dragon frolicking in the sky.

        Part 2 of the Immortals' Guide to Self-massage and Breath regulation. This system combines self-massage and breath control to facilitate the conservation and circulation of internal energy.

        Part 2 of Chen Xiyi's Red Phoenix Calisthenics System. This system combines tendon-changing, calisthenics, self-massage, and breath regulation.

        The last two postures of Zhangzhuan (Standing Qigong).

Tuition Policy:  All Taoist Qigong retreats are excluded from Shambhala Chicago's generosity policy.  Qigong students who are repeating the level may receive a 25% discount (pay $150 instead of $200).  Please note the discount request in the comments section when registering.