Buddhist Studies Group -- HYDE PARK

April 11th—May 23rd

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The Buddha’s fundamental insights into human existence became the foundation for generations of practitioners of the Buddhist path, and a source of inspiration for many others, up to the present day.


As an addition offering to our weekend program What the Buddha Taught, Shambhala Chicago continues exploring the early teachings of the Buddha, with the four marks of the view,  also known as the four marks of existence: impermanence, suffering, egolessness and peace. The first two are based on looking at the confused [samsaric] environment and the last two are the possibilities and potentialities we might discover out of that examination. Understanding these facets of our existence, we can tune into what the Buddha understood upon his awakenment, and what he said was most important for seekers and practitioners that wanted to follow his example and walk the path that he traversed.

This 7-week study group will include readings, meditation, and discussion.All are welcomed regardless of experience level or participation in any prior program. Feel free to bring food and non-alcoholic beverages for a relaxed and community-based salon. Come for one or all sessions.

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Every Thursday, April 11 through May 23

7PM - 9PM

Location: Swift Hall, Room 200

University of Chicago Campus

1025 E 58th St

Chicago, IL 60637