The Power of an Open Question (ONLINE RECORDING)

with Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel

April 22nd—September 22nd

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Room: West Loop Shambhala Center, 37 N. Carpenter St.

Registering for this program will give you access to the video recording made of Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel teaching for the Chicago Shambhala Center on Saturday, April 18, 2020.  It is approximately 6 hours in length, in morning and afternoon segments.

Our "normal" lives have been disrupted, and everything has become uncertain.  In this groundlessness, we may find new inspiration.

"It is in those moments that we give ourselves over to the mystery and fullness of life, that we are able to experience our own brilliance."  Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel

We may assume that the qualities of openness and curiosity are naive, passive, or vague, and that genuine confidence comes only from holding definitive conclusions about things. But in the tradition of the Buddha's wisdom, inquiry is highly valued and considered a practical and crucial element for clear seeing.

The mind that does not close down around its object in a determinate way finds protection from fundamentalism and doubt. This increases our ability to read patterns, take in vital information, and to make choices that bring our actions together with our intentions.

Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel has studied and practiced the Buddhadharma for 35 years under the guidance of her teacher and husband Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche. She is the retreat master of Samten Ling in Crestone, Colorado and has spent over six years in retreat. She holds a degree in anthropology and an M.A. in Buddhist Studies. She teaches throughout the U.S., Australia, and Europe. She is the author of The Power of an Open Question: The Buddha’s Path to Freedom and The Logic of Faith: the Buddhist Path to Finding Certainty Beyond Belief and Doubt.

Elizabeth is known for her use of inquiry as a means to reach a place of genuine practice and awakening. She asks audiences to engage in the practice of open questioning with her while she takes a fresh look at all the assumptions and beliefs we have about spirituality. In particular, Elizabeth is fascinated with the Buddha’s essential teachings on the natural principle of pratityasamutpada, dependent arising. Audiences repeatedly comment on how her approach has reinvigorated their meditation practice and the way they relate to their lives as a whole.