Dorje Kasung (Protection)

Are you interested in deeply exploring the nature of self?  Would you like to know who you are? Do you wonder about what it means to be loyal to oneself?  Would you like to develop that loyalty? Does penetrating the confusion, mindlessness, thoughtlessness and carelessness which we experience interest you?  Does exploring the nature of self discipline sound interesting? Are bravery, skillfulness, and harmony appealing concepts?

Perhaps then you might be interested in the Dorje Kasung.

Eight slogans, written by Trungpa Rinpoche encapsulate some of the philosophy of the Dorje Kasung.

1. Have confidence to go beyond hesitation.
2. Alert before you daydream.
3. Mindful of all details, be resourceful in performing your duties.
4. Fearless beyond idiot compassion.
5. Be a warrior without anger.
6. Not afraid to be a fool.
7. An invisible heavy hand.
8. Be precise without creating a scene.

The Dorje Kasung is is much more than just the uniforms you may see from time to time. The Dorje Kasung is about a deep exploration of self and how we are in the world.  If you are interested in becoming a decent whole human being then the Dorje Kasung is worth examining.



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